Gofal cymru care

About Us

We aim to meet the holistic needs of individuals in our care, ensuring their well-being, and enabling them to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Every individual is encouraged to do as much as they are able in every factor of their lives, but also given the level of support required to ensure their health and well-being is maintained.  We use Active Support to ensure individuals’ needs are met and they are able to reach set goals and we support individuals as far as possible to make their own choices and plan their own budgets.

Our philosophy is to provide support for individuals to enable them to achieve.  We do things as far as possible with them and not for them. This is essential to allow people as much independence as possible and help them achieve their own personal goals

We are constantly seeking to develop our skills and methods, keeping abreast of new developments in the fields in which we work and adapting our working practices accordingly. We look to improve the quality of life of the individuals we serve through facilitation, advocacy, role modelling and mentoring

Our Mission is to: