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Support and Rehabilitation for Individuals with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Needs

Including those with autistic spectrum disorder and
acquired brain injury.

Residential Support

Active Support & Person Centred Services

Supporting people to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission - We aim to meet the holistic needs of individuals in our care, ensuring their well- being, and enabling them to live their lives to their fullest potential.


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Person Centred



Why Us

Changing lives by supporting individuals to achieve their goals.

A person centred approach, along with a “can do” attitude that means we adapt our approach to suit the needs of the individual.

Our well trained staff support and empower individuals to participate in a range of activities according to their particular needs, abilities and interests.

We aim to build on existing skills and encourage the learning of new ones, thus creating a sense of independence and self respect.

Working alongside families, social workers and healthcare workers we ensure that there is a holistic approach to maintaining the health and general wellbeing of those we support.

Our Services

At Gofal Cymru Care we support people to learn and develop new skills, interact with others, meet their personal goals and achieve their full potential.

Active Support

Changes the style of support from ‘caring for’ to ‘working with’, it promotes independence and supports people to play an active part in decisions about their own lives.

Person Centred Service

Focusing on each individual’s specific needs and goals. Respecting their beliefs, gender, race, culture skills, abilities, resources, knowledge and wishes.

A Holistic View

Ongoing monitoring and assessment ensures we meet holistic care needs and maintain well-being. Support is provided to access healthcare, take medication and sustain a healthy life style.

Changing Lives

Our philosophy centres around providing support for individuals. We do things as far as possible with them and not for them allowing for as much independence as possible and helping them achieve their own personal goals.

We Care

Compassionate Care, Just For You.

Residential care and support for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs.

Many of those we support are autistic, a number are non verbal and some have other conditions for which they require support such as epilepsy or diabetes. Some of those we support may display behaviours of concern.

We have an excellent record of supporting those with acquired brain injury to move on to independent living.

Providing tailored support giving each individual the chance to develop and thrive in a welcoming, homely environment.

Happy Families, Happy Stories

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Changing lives, day by day, one step at a time.