Referral process2


Referral Process

Gofal Cymru Care caters for individuals with wide ranging and complex social and emotional needs.  This includes those who may be stepping up from a supported living or family environment as well as those moving down from high secure mental health units. 


Referrals generally come via professionals within healthcare or social services, although we welcome enquiries from other sources.


We appreciate how difficult a process such a move may be for all concerned and so endeavour to make it as smooth as possible. Following the initial referral:


  • A needs assessment is undertaken in discussion with the individual’s family and care team looking at the holistic care needs of the individual, including any medical issues, their mobility and whether any specialist equipment is required. We consider their mental capacity and any particular communication needs they may have and the number of support hours required.


  • Based on that assessment we look at how we can accommodate the needs of the individual. The commissioning team / case manager are invited to visit the home to discuss the individual’s needs and expected outcomes.


  • Compatibility with current residents is a key part of the assessment process.


  • A transition plan is formulated which is unique to each individual. This includes a network day for any members of the multi-disciplinary team involved and trial visits by the individual to the home, including possibly an overnight stay(s).


  • The care plan is refined based on more thorough assessment of any specific requirements and there then follows the detailed preparation of service delivery, management plans and risk assessments in order that transition may be as smooth as possible.


  • Any extra training requirements for staff are identified and addressed and individuals already in our care prepared for the arrival of the new resident.


Emergency Admissions:


Emergency admissions are at the discretion of the management team and their staff. Various criteria are considered including compatibility with individuals already residing at the home and availability of staff.


We also look at any specific needs that the individual may have that would need to be accommodated and whether we could safely meet those needs.


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