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Referral Process

Admissions Criteria

We provide a specialist residential service to individuals who have complex needs that include Dual Diagnosis of Mental Illness, Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • There are no constraints on degree of disability or behaviour
  • Male/Female clients are considered and accommodated
  • Age range 18-64 (Young Adults)
  • The relevant Case Manager and Purchasing Authority must support the prospective service user
  • Individuals with a past history of challenging behaviour, which have either resulted in significant problems in the community or are, reasonably expected to do, so are accepted
  • Individuals whom have complex social and emotional concerns
  • Individuals with additional intellectual disabilities
  • Individuals requiring after-care and supervised discharge from section under the Mental Health Act 1983.
  • The home will considers compatibility issues via Assessment for individuals who will reside together. A compatibility assessment be completed by the Directors and other personnel involved with the service users


  • All emergency admissions are subject to contractual agreement between the referring agency and the provider (Gofal Cymru Care Ltd). The contractual agreement will specify the service to be provided; the conditions of admission, continuing responsibilities and discharge conditions
  • The Director will provide the service user and purchasing authority with the company terms and conditions
  • Service users requiring emergency admissions must meet the admission criteria for the home
  • A formal Referral form must be completed by the purchasing Authority (Case Manager and returned to the Director without delay)
  • The Director and appropriate Registered Manager will inform the service user and purchasing authority when the emergency admission will take effect from. These decisions will he based on the whether placement is considered appropriate for the service user and also the possible effect and compatibility of current service users
  • The Director will make the initial pre-assessment based on the service user referral information
  • The Director will ensure that all the admission criteria are met for admission to the home and inform the client, case manager and/or all other persons involved in the clients care of the decision
  • If appropriate, the client, the Case Manager and/or family members will be invited to visit the proposed placement at the convenience all relevant persons concerned
  • If appropriate, staff members will visit the client in their current service provision/home
  • The Registered Manager in liaison with the client, case manager and/or family member will be responsibilities for ensuring that the following is obtained as soon as it is reasonably possible:
    Client personal details i.e. Name, age, D.O.B, N.O.K etc
    – Brief assessment details
    – Client Strengths and priority areas of need (including identified risks)
    – Client likes and dislikes
    – Medication
    – Personal finances
  • On admission, the Registered Manager will ensure that the transitional plan is completed within one week and other outstanding information and work in relation to the clients care is followed up with out delay
  • Although considered as Emergency Admission, Care without Compromise will ensure that a minimum of 48 hours notice is given for an emergency admission. This will allow for the emergency admission procedure to be adhered to

Referral Process

For referrals please contact the home direct who will complete the relevant documentation. All referrals will be screened if the initial criteria is met. The director will complete a Service Needs Assessment when the referring agency has completed an agreement for disclosure of documentation that may fall under the data protection act. Whenever possible the service user will also give consent.


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